Starting with basics

Amardeep was unanimously elected as Assistant Secretary of Canberra Sikh Association (CSA) in 2012-13, Secretary of the association in 2013-14 and Vice President of CSA in 2014-15.

The Canberra Sikh Association (CSA) is a non-profit religious, educational and social organisation representing the Sikh population of the ACT and surrounding regions.

All the devotees and visitors, who come attend Sangat (Holy congregation) in the Canberra Sikh Gurdwara (Sikh Centre), are provided with free Langar (Free Kitchen). The community kitchen system encouraged the Sikhs to eat together in in one row irrespective of religion, caste, colour and creed. In Langar, rich and poor, Sikhs and non-Sikhs, all share food sitting together in one row.

The aims and objects of the Canberra Sikh Association are:

  1. To promote in Australia the understanding of the Sikh philosophy, religion and culture.
  2. To provide a common meeting ground for persons interested in Sikh culture and philosophy and to exchange ideas with other ethnic, cultural, community and religious groups.
  3. To establish charitable and welfare programs for the community in general and assist new Sikh migrants to settle in Canberra.
  4. To organise activities connected with education and social development of the community.
  5. To establish and support research programs and provide scholarships to students in need for further education.
    • During his service (voluntary) with CSA Amardeep was the coordinator of the Punjabi language school, promoting language, history and culture of Punjabi community.
    • Amardeep deliver lectures at Canberra Sikh Center on regular bases, help new immigrants by giving them directions to find jobs and getting settled within the mosaic of multicultural ACT.
    • CSA manages the community kitchen (Known as Langar) offering free food after the religious congregation for everyone who want to have a meal indiscriminately every Sunday. On an average almost 300-400 people belonging to different religions, cultures and race eat at Langar every week.
    • Amardeep organized the blood donation camps and organized peace walk to spread the message of intercultural and inter religious peace and harmony.
    • At National multicultural festival he lead the team of volunteers who distribute free water bottles and soft drink cans free of charge to comfort the visitor.