Do you live in Molonglo Valley?

Denman Prospect Community Action Group

Amardeep resides in Molonglo Valley and was one of the first members of the Denman Prospect Community Action Group.

The Denman Prospect Community Action Group is a group formed by Denman Prospect residents who want to work together with other like-minded residents as well as Denman Prospect based businesses/organisations to create a safe, inclusive, sustainable, and harmonious community that all residents can be proud to live in. The group’s administration is currently supported by Communities@Work.

Taking Action  

Amardeep is a proactive community member and took initiative on behalf of the Mowing Group of Denman Prospect for the upkeeping and maintenance of the suburb. Amardeep made the following appeal on behalf of the Mowing Group:

“Generally, residents and owners are responsible for maintaining the verge (nature strip) between their property and the street but not everyone can or does.

 Unmanaged verges often affect adjacent footpaths making them hard to pass, they accumulate litter, providing hiding spots for snakes, and simply look untidy. This is where our group of volunteers can assist other residents to maintain their verges.

We offer assistance to residents (where feasible) based on the following priorities:

  • People who cannot maintain their own verges or lawns (with any disability, seniors, single parent/parents with infants)
  • People who cannot justify the expense of a mower to maintain a small area of grass

If you fall into these categories or know someone who does, please contact us to request assistance. Our motivation: to keep our neighbourhood (verges and streetscapes) looking good.”

Amardeep and his friends have been consistently volunteering and trying to keep the streetscapes look good.

Friend’s Group of Nature Lovers ¬†

Amardeep formed a friend’s group for nature lovers who are interested in conserving natural habitats around the Molonglo River.

Amardeep regularly meets with members of the community to plant trees, and arranges working bees for weeding out the area and better conservation of natural habitats in Molonglo Valley.

Amardeep also volunteers with the Molonglo Conservation Group who have done a lot of work in this arena. Their activities can be viewed on their Facebook page.

Molonglo Valley Community Forum

Being a community-oriented person, Amardeep has been engaged in projects involving the Molonglo Valley so that it can be the best place to live in.

Amardeep is the current secretary of the inaugural committee of the Molonglo Valley Community Forum (MVCF). In late 2020, several Molonglo Valley residents came together to form this forum, which is a non-political secular group with the objective to preserve and improve the social, cultural, economic, and environmental wellbeing of the Molonglo Valley and its residents.

On 11 February 2021, a motion was passed in the ACT Legislative Assembly calling for the ACT Government to support establishing a new community council for the Molonglo Valley District.

The MVCF is the Molonglo Valley Community Council’s trading name, which officially became a community council on 1 July 2021.