Supporting the vulnerables

Drive against trafficking

In October 2019, Amardeep traveled with his colleagues from workplace along with volunteers from other corporate bodies, to Cambodia on a corporate immersion tour, to gain a glimpse into the lives of the women and girls supported to overcome extreme trauma and abuse through services supported by our charity partner, PROJECT FUTURES.

Modern slavery is a human condition of our own making and therefore completely avoidable. Money raised will help prevent, support and empower victims, survivors and those at-risk of human trafficking, slavery and exploitation in Cambodia.

Amardeep took up this a unique opportunity to share in an adventure of a lifetime, visiting the projects and people supported by PROJECT FUTURES in Cambodia and to do his bit to help those in need get a second chance at life.

Amardeep was delighted to witness the results of Economic Empowerment Program of Afesip Cambodia. Great success stories, amazed to see, what these girls are capable of, after being saved and getting their voice back.