Working together for a better future

A message from Amardeep

Almost two decades ago, I chose Canberra as the place where I wanted to see my kids grow. However, I have been left disillusioned by the unsatisfactory public resource management and distribution by the Government. I have seen the taxpayer’s money being thrown around wasted, lack of effective and efficient public transport, increasing cost of living, unnecessary environmental degradation and students and families finding it tough to make ends meet.

Canberra consists of hardworking and smart individuals with a lot of potential who deserve better. It’s time to raise the standard. I want to see a Canberra where no one feels like a second-class citizen and everyone can pursue the highest limits in term of their professional, personal and spiritual wellbeing. I have a vision for Canberra to place where there is mutual respect between all sections of our society, upliftment of the underprivileged, innovation, business opportunities, affordable cost of living, which is possible through effective utilisation of public resources.

How can you contribute?

I am regularly meeting and talking to people at different community places and shopping centres in my constituency – mostly in weekends. If you wish to discuss any specific issues or problem in your area, please contact me.