Amardeep Singh

Amardeep is a committed, hard-working, and highly competent Canberran as well as a dearly loved family man who is passionate about giving back to the community and making this city the best place to live in for everyday Australians. Amardeep dreams of a Canberra where no one feels like a second-class citizen, and everyone can pursue the highest standard of living.

Amardeep’s vision is broader than any single issue, as evident from his community service experiences, philanthropic projects, and quality of selflessness. Amardeep is a well-recognised voice in the ACT who delivers great insights and brings smiles to people’s faces as a highly respected radio announcer on Canberra Multicultural Services Radio.

Moreover, Amardeep is a key part of the Canberra community as someone who is an executive member of the Canberra Interfaith Forum and has worked to promote interfaith harmony and dialogue. Amardeep served as the President of the Federation of Indian Associations in ACT for three years and has played a vital role in providing spaces where we can all benefit from the strength that diversity brings.

Amardeep has been involved in various notable projects including providing voluntary relief services during the 2020 bushfires, advocating for the equal rights of women, and volunteering with Project Futures to help women who find themselves in distressing situations. Additionally, Amardeep, being a nature lover, has been involved in various environment conservation projects.

Apart from Amardeep’s passion for service, he is also a successful solutions consultant with over two decades of industry experience in providing trusted consultation to the Commonwealth Government and commercial agencies.